Commercial Pathology Tests

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Working with many of Australia’s largest pathology providers, we built a platform to simplify the commercial ordering of pathology tests. By 2021 many of the world’s biggest movie production studios moved their filming to Australia. As part of COVID-19 safety, these large-scale productions required regular testing of all personnel on set. XTRAHUB stepped into the spotlight to find a solution.

We built and implemented a solution whereby the movie production studios, or other commercial clients, could order and pay for COVID-19 tests quickly and simply. Using XTRAHUB, the order is automatically synced to the Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), resulting in faster processing and results. Using an integrated, agile, and scalable digital solution, we could leverage the robust XTRAHUB platform to meet this demand. Thus, creating a system that is transparent to the consumer and delivers them quicker results.

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