Mission and Vision

It is our mission to enhance healthcare businesses, improving their productivity and efficiency through digitalisation. Helping them reach their full potential to better focus on the centre of their own business – the patient.

XTRAHUB breaks down the barriers in your business and bridges the gaps between silos of data and information. We envision a world where your data is easily accessible, when and where it is needed.

Our Story

With over fifteen years of experience in the health industry, Xtramile Solutions came together to develop XTRAHUB. It is a platform to simplify the clinical data exchange process and create an integrated healthcare network between providers, patients, and their carers. XTRAHUB breaks down data silos and allows information to flow between solutions.


The XTRAHUB platform allows healthcare organisations to deliver clinical documents in real-time securely. It also reduces operational administration time associated with manual documents handling (through mail and fax). Over time the team have evolved the platform, and it can now be seamlessly integrated with a payment gateway, allowing patients to securely and efficiently pay their medical invoices.


XTRAHUB is built with the flexibility to support the digital transformation needs of clinicians and patients well into the future.

Xtramile Solutions, the company behind XTRAHUB, was established in 2004. We created a specialised team of Information Technology professionals with domain expertise in public and private healthcare integration platform solutions.


For over 15 years, we have partnered with Australia’s Federal and State Governments and private health institutions nationwide and internationally. In this time, we have delivered solutions from digitisation, clinical information data sharing, and automation to improve healthcare outcomes, patient safety and operational cost reductions.


At Xtramile Solutions, we are building a more innovative healthcare industry using the latest digital solutions. XTRAHUB is our proprietary platform to take your healthcare business to the next level.

Experienced Leadership