COVID Drive-Through

During Sydney’s worst COVID-19 outbreak to date, in July 2021, we leveraged the XTRAHUB platform to speed up COVID Drive-Through testing. With NSW’s Chief Health Officer encouraging increased community testing, it wasn’t long before there were traffic jams across COVID Drive-Through locations.

One of Australia’s largest pathology providers approached us to assist with streamlining their collection process. With multiple COVID Drive-Through locations across the state, the existing pen and paper model took roughly five minutes per vehicle. In addition, at the end of each day, the paper forms still needed to be collected and manually entered to be captured in the Laboratory Information System (LIS).

With the XTRAHUB platform at its core, we built a mobile application to speed up the collection process. This application moved the operation from pen and paper to digital. Collectors could then easily confirm this information without the need to interpret an individual’s handwriting. Upon completion of the collection XTRAHUB also sends the data directly to the LIS, meaning the patient can more quickly receive their results.

Ultimately, this solution saw collecting a sample from each vehicle taking five minutes to be completed in less than one minute while removing the need for manual data entry.

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