International Travel Tests

While Australia’s borders remain closed, there is still the need for some international travel. Whether this is for compassionate or business reasons. One of the things about this new COVID world is that countries require proof of a negative COVID-19 test before entering. Built on the XTRAHUB platform, we created an innovative solution to this 21st-century problem.

Working with one of Australia’s largest pathology providers, we implemented a system in NSW, Australia’s most populated state, to streamline this new travel requirement. Over 2021 we built and implemented a solution whereby international travellers, or their delegates, could order the exact COVID-19 test required. So, for example, if the person is travelling to Japan, we include the additional required forms as part of the test.

This system speeds up the ordering and payment processes while ensuring no delay in the information flow to the Laboratory Information System (LIS). Using an integrated, agile, and scalable digital solution, we leveraged the robust XTRAHUB platform to meet this demand. Thus, creating a system that is transparent to the consumer and delivers them quicker results.

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