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How does XTRAHUB work?

An innovative digital platform that connects key systems infrastructure and their stakeholders in a medical ecosystem. 


XTRAHUB optimises clinical communication and workflow efficiency. It is rich with value-add features to assist our clients in their goal to achieve maximum operational efficiency. 

Key Features


  • Compliant with HIPAA and the Australian secure messaging standards

  • Secure transmission with encryption and digital signature

  • Data storage with encryption at rest

Advanced Monitoring

  • Real-time dashboard to monitor each transmission and ensure it reaches the destination

  • Built in smart alerts as transmission status notification

Add-on Features

XTRA Referral Manager

Enterprise solution that automates and organises laboratory administrative work. Connects and helps manage operations across pre-analytical phase.

XTRAHUB has been created to meet the national interopability standards that are compatible to a wide range of clinical systems


Best Practice

AllScript EMR

New agent launching soon...


Compatible Client Agents

Medical Director

Cerner EMR

Cerner FirstNet


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