XTRA Referral Manager

Unlock efficiency with laboratory administration orchestration

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Can you ensure that your data entries are constantly updated and secure across your practices?

With XTRA Referral Manager, we enable medical providers tools that automate and improve efficiency of laboratory administrative work. Use a common platform to standardise your medical workflow.


Our solution connects and helps manage operations across the pre-analytical phase with an electronic order, data validation and prepayment functions.

Complete your patient form as usual. We'll take care of the rest!

Referral Manager Work Flow

We provide an administration platform that organises, optimises and provides efficient authentication for patient data over a single workflow, increasing productivity and efficiency.


The resource is distributed across all your medical practices, reducing variation and ensuring that medical professionals have access to the right details at the right time.

Addressing our client's key challenges

  • We allow employees to perform more efficient value-adding tasks by removing the need for paper-based administration. 

  • High order volumes and demand will be handled by the Referral Manager Solution and will not cause bottlenecks during the process.

  • Remove the risk of human-error that leads to potential health and operational risks within the health provider system. 

Benefits to our clients and the community

Our focus on ensuring updated and consistent data across our client's medical practices improve healthcare outcomes for the patient, broader community and laboratory. Removing repetitive administration​ enables medical practices to invest time and finances on high impact tasks that will provide overall benefits. Specialised tools such as the Patient No-show detection system improves efficiency of the key stakeholders and improves the patient-doctor communication line.